WRAS Approved Water Tanks

Our Ecosure WRAS Approved Water Tanks cater to various agricultural, domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. With capacities ranging from 75 litres to 25,000 litres, these tanks provide versatile options for water storage, ensuring compliance with the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) standards. Here’s a detailed overview of their features, applications, and benefits:


  1. Capacity Range: The Ecosure range of potable water tanks is available in various sizes, from small 75 litre units suitable for limited space applications, up to large 25,000 litre tanks ideal for substantial water storage needs.
  2. WRAS Approval: These tanks are WRAS-approved, meaning they comply with stringent regulations for potable water storage. This certification ensures that the materials and manufacturing processes used do not contaminate the water, making them safe for drinking water storage.
  3. Material: Made from high-quality, UV stabilised polyethylene, Ecosure tanks are designed for durability and longevity. This material is resistant to rust, corrosion, and the adverse effects of sunlight, ensuring the stored water remains safe and clean over time.
  4. Design: The tanks come in various shapes and sizes, including vertical, horizontal, and slimline designs. This variety allows for flexible installation options, catering to different space constraints and aesthetic preferences.
  5. Accessibility: Many models feature convenient access points, including non-vented lids (9” to 24”) and inlet/outlet fittings, making maintenance and water extraction straightforward.
  6. Bespoke fittings: Options for custom fittings and additional features, such as level indicators, filtration systems, and insulation, are available to meet specific user requirements.


  1. Domestic Use: Smaller tanks are ideal for household applications, such as garden irrigation, rainwater harvesting, and emergency water storage. They help reduce dependency on mains water and contribute to water conservation efforts.
  2. Commercial Use: Medium to large tanks are suitable for commercial buildings, providing water for restrooms, cleaning, and landscaping. They ensure a reliable water supply and support sustainable practices.
  3. Industrial Use: The largest tanks, up to 25,000 liters, are perfect for industrial applications where substantial water storage is necessary. These include manufacturing processes, cooling systems, and fire suppression systems.
  4. Agricultural Use: In agriculture, these tanks support irrigation systems, livestock watering, and storage of water for crop spraying, enhancing operational efficiency and sustainability.


  1. Compliance and Safety: Being WRAS-approved, Ecosure tanks provide assurance of water safety and compliance with regulatory standards, making them suitable for potable water storage.
  2. Durability: The robust polyethylene construction ensures the tanks withstand harsh environmental conditions, offering a long service life with minimal maintenance requirements.
  3. Versatility: The wide range of sizes and customizable options mean these tanks can be adapted to meet specific needs, whether for a small urban garden or a large industrial facility.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness: Investing in a water storage system can lead to significant cost savings over time by reducing reliance on mains water and enhancing water use efficiency.
  5. Environmental Impact: By facilitating rainwater harvesting and efficient water storage, Ecosure tanks support environmentally friendly practices, contributing to water conservation and sustainability efforts.